What We Do

What services can we provide.

Custom Clearance

We also serve to handle custom clearance for export and import goods; handling all aspect of importation and exportation gateway custom clearance and compliance, warehousing and delivery the product to its final destination.

Export & Import

Our Export and Import distribution service is all international areas. We are able to help anything regarding custom clearance and with an integrated system, real time reporting is available for your import and export goods.

Distribution Sea

Our Sea Freight distribution service is all domestic areas in Indonesia. We handle door-to-door service with Full Container Load and Less Container Load; we offered a hight quality of management system to provide real time reporting for every cargo sent and the cargo will be handled safely from starting points to its final.

Distribution Land

Our Land Freight distribution service is mainly focused on Java Island, which we offered a hight quality of system to send your product from one point to the desired destination; real time reporting is available.

Security & GPS Locator

Our company are built with a 24/7 monitoring using Global Positioning System (GPS), it makes easier for our customer to track their products.

Deliver With Passion

We have more than 100 Wing box trucks that come with a hydraulic system to open the box; this ensures that we will transport your goods and items as efficiently as possible.

We have 100 head tractors and 150 trailers; all of the units are installed with GPS tracking system which enable to report position in real time.

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